Petitgrain Essential Oil

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Petitgrain Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Citrus Aurantium Var
Plant Part: Leaves and Twigs
Extraction Method: Steam
Origin: Italy

: Citrus Aurantium Var is native to Southeast Asia. The tree now grows throughout the Mediterranean and sub-tropic areas worldwide. The bitter orange tree that provides the Petitgrain Essential Oil is also the source of Bitter Orange Oil and Neroli Oil.

Colour: Pale yellow to Amber

: Thin

: Top

Strength of Aroma: Medium

Blends Well With: Bergamot, Cedarwood, Clary sage, Geranium, Lavender, Lime, Jasmine, Neroli, Orange, Palmarosa, Rosemary, Rosewood, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang.

Aromatic Scent: Petitgrain Essential Oil smells like orange blossoms with a bitter, woody and herbaceous undertone.

History: Originally the oil was produced in distilleries from the unripe oranges when they were the size of cherries. This explains why it is named petitgrain which in French means little grains. Nonetheless, this proved to be uneconomical and so the oil began being extracted from the leaves and twigs of the orange tree instead.
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Specification Documents

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